EXEMPT SERVICE consists of the following offices and positions:

  • All elected City officials.
  • Positions of voluntary personnel and personnel appointed to serve without pay.
  • Consultants rendering temporary professional services.
  • Positions involving seasonal or part-time employment.
  • Such positions involving unskilled or semi-skilled work as may be determined and designated by the Personnel Board.
  • All advisors, superintendents, supervisors, and heads of City departments who are appointed by the City Council or Mayor and who report to the City Council and/or Mayor.
  • Attorneys rendering legal services.

CLASSIFIED SERVICE consists of all other offices and positions in the City, now existing or hereafter created, that are paid from City funds – except those which are specifically placed in the Exempt Service by the Civil Service Law and City of Cullman Personnel Rules.

Refer to your Employee Handbook or contact HR for more information.