The City of Cullman recognizes that trees are a highly valued asset. Healthy trees provide a more healthful and beautiful environment in which to live, reduce air pollution and some forms of noise pollution, provide energy-saving shade and cooling, furnish habitats for wildlife, enhance aesthetics and property values, and are an important contributor to community image, pride, and quality of life.

The City of Cullman controls all trees, shrubs, and other planting in any street, park, public right-of-way or easement, or other public place owned by the City of Cullman within the city limits. The City has the authority to plant, care for, maintain, remove, and replace such trees, shrubs, or other plantings. As a testament to the City of Cullman’s concern and care for its urban forest, and of our City Arborist’s and City Tree Commission’s commitment to keeping that urban forest healthy, the City of Cullman is consistently named a Tree City USA!


The City Arborist works with city officials and the Cullman Tree Commission on matters pertaining to the management of the city’s tree resources in order to ensure that the City of Cullman continues to realize the benefits provided by its urban forest. The City Arborist attends all meetings of the Tree Commission, assists the Planning Commission in gathering and evaluating natural resource information, purchases or contracts for needed products and services, identifies public tree needs (maintenance, removal, planting, replacement, and public education), and is directly accessible to all city departments, school systems, and other agencies as needed.


The Cullman Tree Commission is a legally constituted body that serves as advisors to the Mayor and Council on matters pertaining to the management of the City’s tree resources in order to ensure that the City of Cullman continues to realize the benefits provided by its urban forest.The Tree Commission makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council concerning tree planting programs, types and kinds of trees for public property, and other matters concerning trees in the City of Cullman. The Tree Commission normally meets on the third Tuesday of every even-numbered month at 10:00 a.m. in the City Hall Auditorium located at 204 Second Avenue Northeast in Cullman.

Urban Forestry & Related Ordinances

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Barry Slatton (Chairman)
Peggy Harris
Jan Barnett
Barry Slatton
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Edgar Veigl
Joel Moon

Leanne H. West

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