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The City Clerk acts as an administrative liaison between the City Council and the Mayor, as provided by state law and city code.

The City Clerk’s responsibilities include preparing City Council agendas, recording minutes of City Council meetings, authenticating and recording all official acts of the City, processing and maintaining legislative records and documents, attesting to the correctness and certifying legislative documents, and providing municipal government information to the public.

Wesley M. Moore
Wesley M. MooreCITY CLERK
Pam Leslie


Alcohol licenses are issued for the calendar year. Applications for alcohol licenses are reviewed by the ARC (Alcohol Review Committee). The ARC then makes recommendations to the City Council.

Completed applications must be brought to the City Clerk’s Office by the owner or manager of the establishment.

The Cullman Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance (as amended) provides for the regulation of the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages within the City of Cullman, providing licensing procedures and establishing punishment for violations. The ordinance was enacted to promote the health and welfare of the community, to establish reasonable standards for the regulation and control of the licensing and sales of alcoholic beverages, and so forth.

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Complete and submit the Request for Appropriation Consideration form if your organization would like to request an appropriation.



City of Cullman business licenses are renewable and due January 1st of each year and are delinquent on February 1st. Each business operating within the City of Cullman is required to purchase an annual privilege license. Current business license ordinance 2018-33 prescribes and establishes licenses for the privilege of engaging in or carrying on business, occupations, vocations, and professions within the City of Cullman, Alabama, pursuant to the provisions of Section 11-51-90 et seq of the Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended.

The City of Cullman has four Certified Municipal Revenue Officers (CMROs) on staff to issue business licenses.

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The City Council meets on the second and fourth Monday nights each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Auditorium, 204 Second Avenue Northeast, Cullman, Alabama  35055. All City Council meetings are open to the public. 



The City of Cullman Code of Ordinances contains our city’s local laws enacted by the City Council. You can view our online searchable City of Cullman Code of Ordinances. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.



Contact the City Clerk’s Office to obtain information on competitive bid lists.


Municipal Assessments are costs assessed against a parcel of property for street, water, storm drainage, or sewer improvements. Contact the City Clerk’s Office with questions concerning municipal assessments.

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An abundance of abandoned or inoperable vehicles, overgrown grass and weeds, and other nuisances within the city limits of Cullman can be injurious to the general welfare by (a) providing breeding grounds and shelter for rats, mice, snakes, mosquitoes, and other vermin, insects, and pests and (b) attaining heights and dryness that constitute a serious fire threat or hazard or (c) bearing wingy or downy seeds that, when mature, can cause the spread of weeds and, when breathed, irritation to the throat, lungs, and eyes of the public or (d) hiding debris such as broken glass or metal that could inflict injury on a person going upon the property or (e) being unsightly and constituting a usual blight.

Properties in violation of the City of Cullman nuisance property code (Nuisance Ordinance 2021-04) can be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office for investigation. You can report this to us by phone or email, or fill out this form. We will need the property address, a brief description of the property condition, and your name and contact information in order to properly address your concerns. Your contact information is needed in order for us to contact you if we have questions or require further information.


Each owner of a dog or other animal subject to the licensing provisions of the City of Cullman’s pet ordinance shall obtain a license tag from the City Clerk’s Office. It is unlawful for any person to possess, keep, or harbor in the City any dog or other animal required to be vaccinated for rabies by Alabama law which does not have attached to it a license tag. Ordinance No. 2008-01 (which amends previous Ordinance Nos. 2007-08 and 2007-11) provides for the licensing of animals in the City of Cullman.

Before any license shall be issued for any animal, the applicant shall:

  • Pay to the City Clerk a license tax or fee of:
    • $20.00 (for an un-spayed or un-neutered animal six months of age or older); or,
    • $5.00 (for a spayed or neutered animal); and,
  • Provide proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered; and,
  • Provide proof that the animal has been duly vaccinated by a person authorized to inoculate animals against rabies pursuant to the laws of the State of Alabama; and,
  • Have a valid photo ID of the owner if over 16 years of age; and,
  • Provide the name, breed, description of the animal and the location where the animal will be kept; and,
  • Provide the name, address, and telephone number of the owner.

The metal tag provided by the City Clerk’s Office must be attached to the collar of the animal.


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To request copies of public records and documents, you must complete and submit a Public Records Request Form. There will be charges incurred for research, copies, etc.

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Permits are required for events that involve the use and/or closing of public roads, sidewalks, or other public-owned or public-maintained property.

Permits are also required for events that involve amplified or excessive noise, whether on private or public property, or that involve the closure or special use of a residential street. 

A request form must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office for approval at least one month before the event. The City Council will consider the request and, if approved, then the Mayor will issue the special event permit. There may also be fees or charges incurred for the use of city property/facilities or for requested city services or assistance.

Special Event Permit Request Form

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Before any tobacco products are sold or delivered within the corporate limits of Cullman by any dealer, the dealer must affix to each package or product a stamp obtained from the City Clerk in the amounts provided in the license tax schedule. Contact the City Clerk’s Office for more information regarding tobacco tax stamps.

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The City Treasurer is appointed by the City Council to be the custodian of the City’s funds.

The duties of the City Treasurer include keeping an accurate record of the funds of all City departments, keeping books accurately showing the financial condition of the City, assisting and advising the Mayor and City Council with investments, supervising expenditures and receipts, and working with auditors to ensure that all applicable procedures are adhered to by the City.


The City of Cullman allows two (2) yard sales per year to be held per calendar year at any location within city limits. Each of these sales must be no longer than three (3) consecutive days.

A yard sale permit must be purchased prior to the date(s) of the sale. The permit fee is $5.00 per day. You may purchase a yard sale permit at the City Clerk’s Office.

A request form is available for download, but is not required.

Yard Sale Permit Request Form

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