About the Office of Mayor

Like government on the state and federal levels, municipal government is divided into three separate but equal branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. Each of these branches has distinct duties, powers, and restrictions. The City of Cullman operates under a Mayor-Council form of government consisting of a Mayor and a five-member City Council. Each are elected by popular vote to serve concurrent four-year terms. Elections for Mayor are held every four years in August. However, in 2021 the Alabama Legislature changed the date of the next municipal election to 2025 to separate it from the national elections, meaning that Mayor Jacobs will serve one additional year (2020-2025). The next City of Cullman municipal election will be held in August of 2025. Thereafter, municipal elections will again be held every four years in August.

The Mayor is the most visible of the City’s elected officials and is held publicly accountable for the performance of City services and City government. The Mayor serves as the head of the executive branch. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of city government. This includes overseeing city employees, ensuring that bills are paid on time, executing municipal contracts approved by the City Council, and performing other duties similar to those performed by a CEO of a private corporation.

Because Cullman’s population is greater than 12,000, the Mayor does not preside over or serve as a member of the City Council. The Mayor does have veto power over any permanent action taken by the City Council, but the City Council can override the Mayor’s veto by a two-thirds vote.

Reference: AL Code § 11-43-81 (2016)

About Mayor Woody Jacobs

Woody Jacobs was born and raised in Cullman County. His father, Woodrow, owned a small accounting firm and his mother, Dean, served as Cullman County Clerk for a number of years. After graduating from Cullman High School, he attended Cullman College at Sacred Heart, and then went on to earn an accounting degree from the University of Alabama.

Upon graduation from the University of Alabama, Woody returned to Cullman and joined his family business as an accountant, where he specialized in helping small businesses with tax preparation. After working eighteen years in the accounting field, Woody made a career change and joined building contractor Eidson & Associates, where he spent twenty years supervising commercial construction projects. He retired from Eidson & Associates in 2016.

Throughout his life, Woody has given back to the community he loves. He served as Cullman City Council President for eight years, from 2000-2008. He has also served as president of the local American Red Cross, president of the Cullman County Fair Association, treasurer of the Cullman Lions Club, and president of the Cullman Parks & Recreation Board. Currently, Woody serves as a deacon at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church, board member of the Fixed Point Foundation, and coach for the Miracle League Braves.

Woody began serving his second consecutive term as Mayor on November 2, 2020. He is happily married to Connie Marie (nee Voigt) Jacobs and is the proud father of son Tyler and daughter Hannah and grandfather of grandsons Lincoln and Walker.

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Executive Assistant

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Mailing Address:
ATTN: Mayor’s Office
City of Cullman
P.O. Box 278
Cullman, AL  35056-0278

Physical Address:
Cullman City Hall (Enter from Front)
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