Office of the Mayor

The City of Cullman operates under a Mayor-Council form of government consisting of a Mayor and a five-member City Council. Each are elected by popular vote to serve concurrent four-year terms. Elections for Mayor and City Council are held every four years in August.

The Mayor is the most visible of the City’s elected officials and is held publicly accountable for the performance of City services and City government. The Mayor serves full-time as the executive officer, or administrative head, of the City. Responsible for the general management of the City, the Mayor exercises administrative supervision and control over all departments and performs other duties related to the management of services and departments including:

  • Enforcing laws and ordinances.
  • Exercising administrative supervision over all departments.
  • Preparing and submitting annual budgets to the City Council.
  • Communicating with the City Council on financial conditions and needs.
  • Recommending actions to the City Council.
  • Hiring new employees and terminating employment.
  • Negotiating all contracts for the City of Cullman.
  • Presenting proclamations and other awards.
  • Cutting ribbons and breaking ground for new businesses.

To request an appointment with the Mayor, please send an email or call 256-775-7102.

Woody Jacobs
Woody JacobsMAYOR
Administrative Assistant:
Leanne H. West

About Mayor Woody Jacobs

Woody Jacobs was born and raised in Cullman County. His father, Woodrow, owned a small accounting firm and his mother, Dean, served as Cullman County Clerk for a number of years. After graduating from Cullman High School, he attended Cullman College at Sacred Heart, and then went on to earn an accounting degree from the University of Alabama.

Upon graduation from the University of Alabama, Woody returned to Cullman and joined his family business as an accountant, where he specialized in helping small businesses with tax preparation. After working eighteen years in the accounting field, Woody made a career change and joined building contractor Eidson & Associates, where he spent twenty years supervising commercial construction projects. He retired from Eidson & Associates in 2016.

Throughout his life, Woody has given back to the community he loves. He served as Cullman City Council President for eight years, from 2000-2008. He has also served as president of the local American Red Cross, president of the Cullman County Fair Association, treasurer of the Cullman Lions Club, and president of the Cullman Parks & Recreation Board. Currently, Woody serves as a deacon at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church, board member of the Fixed Point Foundation, and coach for the Miracle League Braves.

Woody is happily married to Connie Marie (nee Voigt) Jacobs and is the proud father of son Tyler and daughter Hannah.

Mayors of the City of Cullman


1st Mayor  |  1874-1874  |  Fred Betz                               

2nd Mayor  |  1874-1875   |  Thomas C. Wilhite                

3rd Mayor  |  1875-1876  |  Charles A. Beckert                

4th Mayor  |  1876-1877  |  Gottfried A. Prinz (1st of 2 Split Terms)

5th Mayor  |  1877-1878  |  John Langhoff                       

6th Mayor  |  1878-1879  |  Gottfried A. Prinz (2nd of 2 Split Terms)

7th Mayor   |  1879-1879  |  Julius Damus (Resigned to become Circuit Clerk)

8th Mayor  |  1879-1880  |  Asa Brindley Hays                

9th Mayor  |  1880-1881  |  N. Mashina                            

10th Mayor  |  1881-1882  |  John Eisheimer                                 

11th Mayor  |  1882-1885  |  H.L. Watlington                                 

12th Mayor  |  1885-1886  |  Charles Plato                         

13th Mayor  |  1886-1887  |  G.P. Fruhauff                                     

14th Mayor  |  1887-1889  |  Samuel H. Herrin                  


15th Mayor  |  1889-1896  |  George H. Parker (1st of 2 Split Terms)

16th Mayor  |  1896-1900  |  John F. Beyer                        


17th Mayor  |  1900-1903  |  George H. Parker (2nd of 2 Split Terms)

18th Mayor  |  1903-1910  |  George J. Beyer                                 

19th Mayor  |  1910-1932  |  Maurice Lindon Robertson 

20th Mayor  |  1932-1948  |  John A. Dunlap

21st Mayor  |  1948-1956  |  William J. Nesmith (1st of 2 Split Terms)

22nd Mayor  |  1956-1960  |  J.W. Arnold                                                                

23rd Mayor  |  1960-1964  |  William R. Griffin

24th Mayor  |  1964-1976  |  William J. Nesmith (2nd of 2 Split Terms)

25th Mayor  |  1976-1984  |  Robert McGukin                   

26th Mayor  |  1984-1988  |  Jack K. Sides (1st of 2 Split Terms)

27th Mayor  |  1988-1992  |  Therman Murphree 

28th Mayor  |  1992-2000  |  Jack K. Sides (2nd of 2 Split Terms)

29th Mayor  |  2000-2008  |  Donald E. Green

30th Mayor  |  2008-2016  |  Max A. Townson

31st Mayor  |  2016-Present  |  Woody Jacobs