Cullman is a thriving 21st Century community fueled by its quaint heritage and indelible Southern charm. Founded in 1873 by German refugee Colonel John G. Cullmann, our city is known for its early agricultural success and ability to accommodate widespread industrial projects. With a population currently hovering just over 15,000, Cullman is the county seat and largest of Cullman County‘s 12 municipalities. Cullman is located halfway between Birmingham and Huntsville, and is the epicenter for multiple major highway systems. Cullman offers an impressive array of local attractions, hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, educational and medical facilities, and access to cultural, sporting, and entertainment events. Cullman supports progressive economic development, technological advancements, and creative quality-of-life endeavors. Cullman offers 21st Century living while maintaining the quintessential Southern charm that immediately engages visitors. Cullman is an ideal community to stay a while … or a lifetime!

Modern infrastructure, market access, modest business costs and a business-friendly community are all good reasons to locate your business in Cullman. Companies choose Cullman, Alabama as the location for their facilities because we are dedicated to helping local businesses thrive. Cullman, Alabama has consistently been named among the top Micropolitans in the United States, by such trade publications as Site Selection and Southern Business & Development magazines. In 2019, there were 40 new and expanding companies in Cullman, creating 483 jobs, with $162,765,000 new and expanding investment. >>>MORE

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There are many famous people from Alabama. But one settler to this state was overlooked until recently even though he was a remarkable man. He brought more immigrants to this country than any one individual and he founded a leading city and county in this state single-handedly. The adventures of this pioneer are very interesting.  …  John Cullmann (the Americanized version of the name) was born in Frankweiler, Canton Landau, the Rheinpfalz, Germany. At the time of his birth, Frankweiler was in the state of Bavaria. It is now in the Pfalz. He was born on July 2, 1823. His father was the geometer and teacher for Frankweiler. For over 200 years the family lived in a large home in the center of town, next to the church. His father was principal of the local school where Cullmann graduated at an early age. >>>MORE

Frankweiler, Germany, was the hometown of our founder, Col. John G. Cullmann. A permanent partnership was formed in 1987 between Cullman and Frankweiler. Frankweiler is situated on the eastern slopes of the Haardt Mountains, about 6 km north of Landau “The Garden Town.” It is a municipality in Sudliche Weinstrasse district in Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany. … The organizations Cullman Friends of Frankweiler and Frankweiler Friends of Cullman were organized in an effort to maintain and encourage cultural exchanges and personal relationships between Cullman, Alabama, and Frankweiler, Germany. The two groups have made many visits back and forth since our partnership began. For more information on our partnership with Frankweiler, Germany, contact the Cullman County Museum at 256-739-1258. >>>MORE

Cullman was founded by Col. Johann Gottfried Cullmann, a German refugee from Frankweiler (which was then Bavaria) who came to America in 1866. While working at a bookstore in Cincinnati, Ohio, he began formulating ideas of a special colony of working people – specifically a place for immigrants from countries such as his native Germany. >>>MORE

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Cullman is accessible from the north, south, east and west by Interstate 65 and major U.S. and state highways. >>>MORE