Any work performed in the City of Cullman’s right-of-way must be reported to the City of Cullman and the entity must obtain a RIGHT-OF-WAY UTILITY WORK PERMIT prior to work beginning. Work performed can include excavation, blasting, boring, trenching, saw-cutting, and any additional work that will cause a disturbance to the right-of-way. The permit will have to be approved and signed by the Engineering Department or their designee, and is in addition to the proper line locates that are required. There is no fee or bond required for the permit but the permit must be completed prior to work taking place. Notifications can be made to either the City of Cullman’s Street Department, Building Department, or Engineering Department and the permit can be obtained online or through the Building Department.

Backfill and Patching of APPROVED Open Cuts: Streets and rights-of-way that are within the jurisdiction of the City of Cullman, Alabama, are to be inspected and maintained by the City’s Street Department. For any work performed in the right-of-way that will require an open cut into a city street, it is very important that the Street Department is notified immediately. The Street Department should be notified prior to cutting taking place and then again once backfill is in place for proper inspection. If the entity has the capabilities to patch the opening then they may do so; if not, the Street Department will perform the work and bill back to the entity. NOTE: Cold-patch is NOT an acceptable means of patching within the City of Cullman. A NOTIFICATION FORM should be completed and returned to the Street Department to allow proper notification for inspections and/or repairs. An opening can include saw cutting, jack hammering, pickaxe, excavation, and any additional activities that will require the asphalt to be patched as part of work completion. All openings MUST be saw cut with straight, vertical edges prior to the Street Department patching the opening. All fill material must be Dense Grade Base, placed in not more than 6” thick lifts and must be compacted to at least 98% proctor. Any other fill materials MUST be pre-approved by the Street Department or Engineering Department before use. All street openings MUST be filled with approved fill material no matter if the responsible entity will perform the patching or not.

REMINDER: Before any paving commences that is not conducted by the Street Department or directed by the City, the Street Department must be notified so that they may send a representative to the site to inspect the base material and provide approval to move forward with the paving process and they must inspect again once the paving is complete.



Or contact the Engineering, Street, or Building Department.