The Human Resources Director is appointed by the City Council to assist the Personnel Board in carrying out the provisions of the Law and Personnel Rules. Duties include:

  • Attending meetings of the Personnel Board and keeping the records of the Board.
  • Acting for the Board in administering all provisions of the Law and Personnel Rules in accordance with specific directions of the Board.
  • Under the direction of the Personnel Board, preparing rules and revisions and amendments thereto for the consideration of the Board, the Mayor, and the City Council.
  • Establishing and maintaining a roster of all employees of the City.
  • Preparing and instructing in the use of such forms, reports, and procedures as are necessary and appropriate to carry out the provisions of the Law and Personnel Rules.
  • Providing for a system of checking payrolls, so as to determine that all persons in the classified service have been appointed in accordance with the Law and Personnel Rules and are being paid proper amounts for the duties of the class.
  • Administering the examination program, evaluating the qualifications of applicants, establishing employment lists, and certifying eligibility of applicants to the Appointing Authority for the filling of vacancies.
  • Assisting in carrying out administrative and technical activities of the Human Resources Department.
  • Promoting employee morale and raising the standards of performance in the City Service.
  • Assisting in establishing and administering a service rating system.
  • Performing other activities in reference to personnel administration consistent with the Law, as required by the Personnel Rules, as directed by the Personnel Board, or as may be deemed necessary or desirable for effective personnel administration.

Michelle Bates currently serves as Human Resources Director.*


*Current as of October 29, 2021.