Part-Time Telecommunicator
Employment Type
Base Salary
$15.00 Per hour

Immediate Supervisor: Dispatch Shift Supervisor

This is skilled work in receiving and transmitting radio and telephone messages.

Employees in this class are responsible on an assigned shift for receiving varied calls for police, fire, and emergency services by radio or telephone, for transmitting calls to the proper party, and for dispatching proper equipment and personnel as directed. 

Employees work under general supervision on routine phases of the work but receive specific instructions and assistance on difficult or unusual problems.  Employees operate a two-way radio, computer, and related equipment in receiving and transmitting calls.



(All duties listed may not be found in each position, nor does the list necessarily    include all tasks which may be assigned to each position in this class.)

Receives emergency calls by telephone or radio; receives all 9-1-1 emergency calls; radios police car in area of occurrence, giving location and description of situation; dispatches police, fire, city service cars and trucks and any other emergency equipment as required.

Maintains file of tag numbers of stolen cars; obtains and disseminates information on the registration of motor vehicles by license number furnished.

Maintains computer files of police related records.

Maintains outstanding warrant file.


EDUCATION: Any combination of training and experience equivalent to graduation from a standard senior high school.

EXPERIENCE: Previous work experience indicating the ability to perform all required tasks. 


Considerable knowledge of the geography of the city, location of streets and important buildings, and the location of police personnel and equipment.

Good diction, clear voice, and skill in operating telephone and radio equipment along with receiving and transmitting calls.

Proficient skill in the operation of a keyboard. 

Ability to think clearly and act quickly in emergency situations. 

Ability to understand and follow moderately complex oral and written instructions. 

Ability to keep simple clerical records. 

Basic skills in operation of computer.


Must be physically able to perform duties for extended periods of time if required.

Must be physically able to sit for extended periods of time as required.


Ability to pass 80 hour APCO certification.

Must qualify for E-9-1-1Board certification.

Position subject to random drug testing.



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