Position title
Firefighter (no current openings)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO OPENINGS FOR THIS POSITION. Your application will be kept on file for twelve (12) months for consideration should testing for this position be scheduled. If no position becomes available or if you have not been contacted for testing within twelve (12) months of the date you submitted your application, you will need to submit an updated application at that time.

This position consists of job related duties in fire suppression and is a non-supervisory, non-administrative position.

Scope of Work: Employees in this class are responsible for protection of life and property through firefighting, rescue, hazardous materials and emergency medical activities usually performed under close supervision. Work requires performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions involving strenuous exertion under such obstacles as smoke and cramped surroundings. A large part of time is spent in supervised training, fire prevention pre-plan inspections, maintenance of equipment and apparatus, and maintenance of quarters. Work is normally performed under close supervision in accordance with well-defined procedures and assignments are received from departmental superiors in fire suppression, rescue, hazardous materials responses, emergency medical situations, and at stations. Employees are required to attend mandatory training and safety classes. 

  • Must be able to operate as both a member of a team and independently. Work requires performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions.
  • May spend extensive time outside exposed to elements and must be able to tolerate extreme fluctuations in temperature while performing duties.
  • Must perform physically demanding work in hot, humid atmospheres while wearing equipment that significantly impairs body-cooling mechanisms. Will experience frequent transition from hot to cold and human to arid conditions and must work in wet, icy or muddy areas. Requires the performance of a variety of tasks on slippery, hazardous surfaces such as rooftops or from ladders and in areas where sustaining traumatic or thermal injuries is possible.
  • Face exposure to carcinogenic dusts such as asbestos, toxic substances such as hydrogen cyanide, acids, carbon monoxide, or organic solvents either through inhalation or skin contact and also may face exposure to infection agents such as hepatitis or HIV.
  • Must be able to wear protective clothing that weighs approximately 50 pounds while performing firefighting tasks and be able to perform physically demanding work while wearing Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA’s).
  • Must be able to make rapid transition from rest to near maximum exertion without warm up periods and be able to operate in environments of high noise, poor visibility, limited mobility, at heights, and in enclosed or confined spaces. Must be able to use manual and power tools in the performance of duties.
  • Must rely on senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch to help determine the nature of the emergency, maintain personal safety, and make critical decisions in a confused, chaotic, and potentially life threatening environment throughout duration of the operation.
  • General maintenance work in the upkeep of fire department property; cleans and washes walls and floors; makes minor repairs; washes, hangs, and dries hose; washing, cleans, polishes, and tests apparatus. Cleans and maintains tools and equipment used in fire service activities. Participates in fire drills, attends classes in firefighting, emergency medical procedures, hazardous materials, and related subjects; attends public gatherings to ensure observances of fire safety requirements. Participates in pre-incident planning. Conducts fire safety presentations and station tours.
  • May be called up on to drive and operate apparatus and other fire department vehicles under emergency situations if employee has Apparatus Operator certification and has met all training requirements.
  • Performs related work as required or assigned.
  • Must maintain a positive attitude and respectful behavior.Dep

Education: Graduation from a standard high school or receipt of a GED is required.

Experience: Prior experience as a Certified Firefighter is desired but not required. Candidate must successfully complete:

  • Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness/Fitness Initiative Program – Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) or other approved validated physical ability evaluation prior to employment.
  • Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter Physical conducted by the department physician in accordance with NFPA 1582 – Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments.
  • Cullman Fire Rescue Physical Fitness Evaluation during first year of employment.
  • EMT – Advanced or above preferred.

Certification Requirements: Individual must successfully receive the following certifications within twelve (12) months of employment date:

  • Firefighter I NFPA 1001 – Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications
  • Firefighter II NFPA 1001 – Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications
    *Other Certification Requirements*
  • EMT – Basic * EMT – Advanced Preferred *
  • Hazardous Materials Technician
  • NIMS: Required courses as set forth departmentally.

Knowledge and Skills: During the course of employment in this position, individual will be expected and required to:

  • Develop and maintain some knowledge of street system and physical layout of the city.
  • Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Learn a variety of firefighting, fire prevention, rescue, hazardous material, and emergency medical procedures.
  • Perform mechanical work involved in operating and maintaining firefighting apparatus, equipment, and tools.
  • Understand City of Cullman Personnel Rules.
  • Understand and adhere to Cullman Fire Rescue policies and procedures.
  • Follow Chain of Command set forth for Cullman Fire Rescue.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to work in exteme weather conditions, and in and around extreme heat.
  • Bending, lifting may be required.
  • Must be able to rouse from sleep and function at peak performance with little or no notice.
  • Must complete an annual Physical Fitness Evaluation.
  • Must pass Firefighter Physical as deemed necessary by age throughout employment.

Other Requirements:

  • Subject to random drug testing.
  • Must maintain a valid Alabama Driver License.
  • Minimum age: 18 years at time of examination.
  • All employees are under a one (1) year probationary period.
  • All employees are subject to employee evaluations.
  • All employees will be required to complete an orientation period with the Fire Department. Length and schedule of orientation will be determined per individual.
Job Benefits

Opportunity to earn promotion to higher ranks with higher pay within the department.

  • Medical and Dental Insurance for Employees (City pays full cost of employee’s coverage, and a portion of dependent coverage)
  • AirMedCare Network (free membership for all full-time employees)
  • Cullman Wellness & Aquatic Center (free membership for all full-time employees)
  • RSA (Retirement Systems of Alabama) Retirement Benefits
  • Paid Life Insurance Coverage (City pays entire cost.)
  • Education Incentives
    • 5% of Salary Education Benefit for Associates Degree for Classified Employees (even for unrelated field)
    • 5% of Salary Education Benefit for Employees with an Honorable Discharge from the Military
    • 10% of Salary Education Benefit for Bachelors Degree or Higher for Classified Employees (even for unrelated field)
  • Earned Vacation Leave (Employees may carry over vacation to the following year up to a maximum of 240 hours):
    • 1-5 Years of Continuous Service: Earn 6.66 hours per month
    • 5-10 Years of Continuous Service: Earn 8.66 hours per month
    • 10-15 Years of Continuous Service: Earn 12 hours per month
    • 15+ Years of Continuous Service: Earn 13.33 hours per month
  • Earned Sick Leave: 4 hours per pay period, up to 960 hours. (Employees on 24 hour shifts: 6 hours per pay period up to 1272 hours.)
  • Vacation/Sick Leave Donation Bank
  • Paid Time Off for Jury Duty
  • Paid Holidays
    • New Year’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Veterans Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Friday After Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Eve
    • Christmas Day
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Uniforms and Uniform Maintenance for Employees Required to Wear Uniforms
  • Direct Deposit of Earnings
  • Payroll Deductions for Employee’s Convenience:
    • RSA2
    • PEBSCO
    • FOP Dues
    • Alabama Peace Officers Annuity
    • Firefighter Association Dues for Fire Rescue
    • Supplemental Insurance Policies
  • FICA Benefits

Position: Firefighter (no current openings)

Thank you for submitting your application.

PLEASE NOTE THAT, AT THIS TIME, THERE ARE NO OPENINGS FOR THIS POSITION. However, your application will remain on file for a period of twelve (12) months. If testing for this position is scheduled within that twelve month period, you will be notified.

If you are not contacted for testing or chosen for a position at the end of that twelve month period, and are still interested in being considered for employment, you will need to submit an updated application at that time.

If you have questions concerning your application, please contact the Human Resources Department during regular office hours.


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Employment Type
Full-Time, Permanent
Job Location
35055, Cullman, Alabama, USA
Working Hours
TBD by supervisor.
Base Salary
$ 12.14 (106 hours) - $ 18.42 (106 hours)
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