Concrete Finisher (Street)
Employment Type
Base Salary
$19.06-$21.46 Per hour



This is a skilled position in concrete using the tools and equipment specific to the trade, as well as the operation of various types of heavy equipment and the driving of multiple vehicles within the department. This individual should be able to perform such tasks as building forms and setting them for curbs, gutters, sidewalks, etc. and finishing concrete; as well as installing or repairing walls, walkways, etc., which require the laying of brick or block in intricate or aesthetic patterns.

Employees in this class are responsible for the safe and efficient use of any tools and devices needed to complete assigned jobs. In addition, this individual will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of heavy equipment and vehicles within the department. Employees receive specific and, in some cases, detailed instructions, from a supervisor as to maintenance or construction assignments involving equipment operations. Work should be done according to established procedures with frequent inspections during the project's progression and a final inspection when the work is completed.


(This list does not necessarily include all tasks which may be assigned to this position, and all tasks listed may not necessarily be assigned to this position.)

Perform rough carpentry work, such as building concrete forms, wooden fences, or other items needed in connection with the construction and maintenance of sidewalks, curbs, gutters, drains, bridges, and buildings.

Perform rough sign and other painting work, brush or spray, not involving difficult or original lettering; repair, fabricate, and erect metal and wooden street signs; lay out and paint center lines and lane lines in streets, crosswalks, and parking spaces.

Operate light trucks and other automotive and related equipment.

Operate mechanical saws, cut and fell trees and branches, observe precautions against personal injury or property damage.

Perform miscellaneous mechanical and maintenance repair tasks requiring familiarity with basic trade practices in carpentry, painting, masonry, plumbing, or similar operations.

Drive trucks hauling various materials from one location to another.

Service equipment and make minor field repairs and adjustments; report the need for major repairs to the equipment following the department's procedures.

Supervise, as requested, and perform manual labor in loading, unloading, or other related work, as required.

Operate small trenching equipment.

Operate a heavy type tractor-trailer in hauling heavy machine and construction equipment.

Operate a motor patrol in digging ditches, grading shoulders, shaping back slopes, shaping driveways, mixing base course, spreading gravel, and other rough grading.

Operate a bulldozer in clearing, grubbing, backfilling, and performing grading or moving work.

Operate a tractor and scraper doing earth moving and rough grading; operate a tractor pulling rollers or disc plow.

Operate a backhoe, trencher, side boom, or forklift for general assignments.

Operate either a front or rear end distributor, asphalt spreader, sand spreader, or roller, and a variety of loaders.

Operate truck with front end loader; load rock, gravel, sand, and stumps on trucks; dig trenches; fill holes with appropriate materials.

Does servicing or light maintenance work on equipment operated.

Perform any other task deemed necessary by the immediate supervisor.


Must maintain a valid Alabama CDL license, Class A or Class B.

Employees in this position must be able to form and finish various types of concrete/cement for multiple types of projects and/or lay brick or block forming walls, walkways, stairs, or substructures. Employees will receive specific and, in some cases, detailed instructions for the method, progress, and completion of the assignment. Inspections may take place during all phases of the project. The proper maintenance and upkeep of the tools, supplies, and equipment used in various concrete projects will be expected, not only to keep the items functional but as a safety issue.


Possess basic knowledge in operating video equipment and repair of electronics.

Ability to follow verbal and/or written directions.

Common sense to recognize unforeseen safety hazards, operational problems, and work site dangers.


Ability to maneuver various sized vehicles.

Eyesight sufficient to pass a test for a Commercial Driver's License and perform required duties.

Physical strength and endurance to perform heavy manual labor, sometimes in adverse weather conditions.

Ability to walk on even or rough terrain, rocky or sandy soil, in wet or slippery conditions.

Ability to enter manholes and work in close and enclosed areas.

Ability to bend, stoop, and perform heavy lifting.

Ability to work around motorized equipment, trimmers, chainsaws, air compressors, welders, etc.

Ability to handle moderate to extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, etc.).


Must maintain a valid Alabama CDL license, Class A or Class B, as required.

Mandatory to work overtime and/or alternating shifts, including weekends and holidays, as required.

Position is subject to random drug testing. Prescription medications need to be on file with the Risk Management Director.


Medical and Dental Insurance for Employees (City pays full cost of employee’s coverage, and a portion of dependent coverage)

AirMedCare Network (free membership for all full-time employees)

Cullman Wellness & Aquatic Center (free membership for all full-time employees)

RSA (Retirement Systems of Alabama) Retirement Benefits

Paid Life Insurance Coverage (City pays entire cost.)

Education Incentives

  • 5% of Salary Education Benefit for Associates Degree for Classified Employees (even for unrelated field)
  • 5% of Salary Education Benefit for Employees with an Honorable Discharge from the Military
  • 10% of Salary Education Benefit for Bachelors Degree or Higher for Classified Employees (even for unrelated field)

Earned Vacation Leave (Employees may carry over vacation to the following year up to a maximum of 240 hours):

  • 1-5 Years of Continuous Service: Earn 6.66 hours per month
  • 5-10 Years of Continuous Service: Earn 8.66 hours per month
  • 10-15 Years of Continuous Service: Earn 12 hours per month
  • 15+ Years of Continuous Service: Earn 13.33 hours per month

Earned Sick Leave: 4 hours per pay period, up to 960 hours. (Employees on 24 hour shifts: 6 hours per pay period up to 1272 hours.)

Vacation/Sick Leave Donation Bank

Paid Time Off for Jury Duty

Paid Holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Workers Compensation Insurance

Unemployment Insurance

Uniforms and Uniform Maintenance for Employees Required to Wear Uniforms

Direct Deposit of Earnings

Payroll Deductions for Employee’s Convenience:

  • RSA2
  • FOP Dues
  • Alabama Peace Officers Annuity
  • Firefighter Association Dues for Fire Rescue
  • Supplemental Insurance Policies

FICA Benefits



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