GOOD HOPE, Ala. – The Sizzlin’ Seniors of Good Hope met Tuesday for pizza, popsicles, bingo and another spirited game of beanbag baseball. After fueling up on food and drink, the trash-talking Sizzlin’ Ladies faced off against the men of the hopeless Has-Beens. The winless Has-Beens knew that to put a stop to what one team member called “HER-assment,” winning was the only option. 

The Sizzlin’ Ladies were up first, and although they failed to score, that did not curtail the sass at all! In fact, the chatter escalated as the Has-Beens came to bat. Three up- three down! It looked like another embarrassing day for the Bad News Has-Beens. 

The big hitters were up for the Sizzlin’ Ladies in the second inning and they jumped out to an early 2-0 lead, but the Has-Beens showed some signs of life in the bottom of the inning. With the score 2-1, the game took a weird turn. It seemed as though it was a battle of the most stranded. Both teams took turns filling the bases only to choke under pressure. It was a low-scoring affair for sure! 

Those heckling ladies finally put together a string of hits that put them up 4-1 late in the game! Then, Jerry “Wild Thang” Bartlett came to the line and his hit not only scored a run, but it also helped the Has-Beens discover their beanbag mojo. Bartlett performed his famous “Wild Thang Wiggle” as he made his way to third after his clutch triple. The men staged a comeback that made Good Hope Sizzlin’ Senior history. Well, they tied it up at least. 

This game was headed to extra innings! The ladies filled the bases and looked poised to take the lead, but with a strike out for out 3, the Has-Beens had a chance. With one runner on, Gary “Popeye” White focused on the target. He tossed the beanbag and bullseye! HOMERUN! White and the Has-Beens celebrated his walk-off homer and first victory. As for the Sizzlin’ Ladies, at least for now, the chatter has ceased! 

Check out the Good Hope Sizzlin’ Seniors and join in on the fun every second and fourth Tuesday starting at 9 a.m. in the basement of Good Hope City Hall. 

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Christy Perry

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