Friday was bath day at Hanceville Nursing Home. This turned out to be the best shower and cleanup I’ve had since being put down with a hip replacement.

The shower lady came to wheel me down to the private shower stall. She had on a nice-looking pair of knee-high boots like they would have on at a car wash. Then she said that most men called the shower the car wash. After going through it I could understand why it was called that.

The first thing was that good hot water running down over me making me warm and wet so the next step, the soap, would take over. The shower lady had two brushes. One was stiff-bristled for washing my hair, and the second was a soft-bristled brush for washing my body. In my mind, I felt like I was the car. After the brushing was through, there was a second rinse with that good warm water. Then came the drying. Those warm fluffy towels being rubbed on my body almost made my mind float away to a tropical island. All this pampering gave me a good start for the day. Thank you, shower lady, for a good start for the day.

My stay at the nursing home is not over yet, but all the employees that I have had contact with have been wonderful and caring people. They have given me their full attention and their best answers for any problem or concern that I have had. I have a love and great respect for people who are as dedicated as they are.

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