Occasionally, I will hear of a good story that has happened to someone. Some of the ones I like best are told by grandparents about something a grandchild has done.

You know as well as I do that grandparents are proud of the youngsters whether they are 1 day old or 21 years old. As a matter of fact, I have even heard some grandparents openly brag about their grandchildren. Now that we have great-grandchildren, I seem to detect Rudene bragging a little about them.

Anyway, this story is about a conversation between a grandfather and his grandson. The grandson is 9 years old and a strong football fan. He already has big plans in his life for football.

The grandfather was visiting with the youngster’s family one day and the youngster was watching a pro football game that was recorded. The granddaddy watched the game and when it was over the two had a conversation. The youngster began to tell his granddad about his plans for football. He planned to star in high school football and then go to Auburn for his college football. After college he planned to go to the pros. According to the youngster, a pro football player made more money than the governor.

The granddaddy then asked the youngster, “Isn’t this a little too early in life to make your plans so far ahead?”

The youngster said, “Oh, no, Granddad.”

Then the grandad asked the youngster, “What if God should call you to be a preacher?”

Then the youngster replied, with a little emphasis in his speech, “Granddad, you know God don’t have a telephone.”

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