Recently, The Tribune set out to explore all of the many beautiful parks within Cullman County. We’ll visit one each week.

SOUTH VINEMONT, Ala. – Nestled behind the community center in South Vinemont is 12 acres of one of the prettiest open spaces in Cullman County. The South Vinemont Trail is always open and provides a peaceful place for walkers and joggers. The trail winds around the lush green park that runs adjacent to the homes surrounding it. Although the park is a bit of a blank canvas, there is something very calming about this sprawling green space.

The South Vinemont Trail welcomes walkers and joggers, but those on wheels are prohibited. The trail runs by trees, nearby neighbors and circles the large grassy hills. It’s a great location for bird watching and there are plenty of benches along the trail for those who want to sit and listen to nature. The trails are far enough from the highway that noise pollution is non-existent.

The trail is also very well-lit for those who find a night walk more enjoyable. The park never closes, so the trail is great for the night owls and those working second shift. Restrooms are also available near the entrance of the trail.

Shade trees dot the park providing a quiet place to sit on a blanket and enjoy a nice picnic. If the ground isn’t your thing, there is a picnic table near the play area and a new pavilion is currently under construction adjoining the bathrooms. The new pavilion will have several picnic tables for larger gatherings. The south end of the pavilion will have a concrete area that will remain uncovered providing a safe place for folks to set up a grill for a fun cookout.

New playground equipment has been ordered to replace older equipment that has been removed. The playground area is also near the entrance and in very close proximity to the bathrooms and the soon-to-be pavilion. A new slide and other fun pieces will be installed as soon as they are delivered.

Xena, The Tribune’s “Park Puppy” absolutely loved the South Vinemont Trail. She was reminded that dogs need to be leashed, but she enjoyed having the ability to test her jets as she ran around and rolled in the grass. The hills in the park practically call to be rolled down. Of all the parks Xena has visited, South Vinemont Trail is the first one that resulted in a nap on the way home.

Looking out across the park, it is easy to imagine friends playing a game of kickball or flag football. It’s a perfect place for learning to fly a kite with no obstacles. Maybe the best aspect of this park is there is so much space to enjoy the activity of your choosing. Sometimes less is truly more.

The mayor and council of South Vinemont have been in discussions to add features and activities in the green spaces of the park in order to better utilize the space and provide more activities for families to enjoy. Youth football teams have discovered this great space and has practices there in the fall, but with 12 acres, there is potential for much more. The Town of South Vinemont welcomes suggestions and encourages residents to let leaders know what they would like to see.

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Christy Perry

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