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We are committed to perform with professionalism with an attitude of service and a desire to improve, creating a tradition of excellence. Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs are on-duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and respond out of three fire stations.

Cullman Fire Rescue’s Firefighter/EMTs respond to over 3000 incidents annually including Structure Fires, Vehicle Fires, Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescues, Emergency Medical Emergencies and mutual aid requests.

Our committed staff takes pride in our community and we feel that we are more than a fire department! Cullman Fire Rescue strives to provide an exceptional All-Hazard response that requires our firefighters to be extensively trained and certified for medical emergencies (ALS), vehicle collisions, fires, hazardous material incidents and technical rescue incidents. Cullman Fire Rescue is part of the Alabama Mutual Aid System Division F Response Team (Alabama Task Force 3) and provides mutual aid assistance to surrounding fire departments.

Preventing fires and emergencies before they happen is of the utmost importance. Cullman Fire Rescue fire prevention efforts include fire code inspections, fire investigations and a wide variety of public education programs including fire safety in our schools, fire extinguisher training, and community based CPR/AED training.

We strive to meet the needs of everyone in our city. We want to serve those who live here, visit here and work here, just as we would our own families.

Our goal is to serve our community with compassion and professionalism and always look for methods to improve.

Fire PreventionFire Prevention, Code Enforcement, & Public Education

Cullman Fire Rescue provides fire code inspections, fire investigations, and a wide variety of public education programs including Fire Extinguisher Training, Job Shadowing and CPR/AED community classes.

Freddie the Fire Truck helps teach children about fire safety and prevention. The kids love Freddie!

Fire SuppressionFire Suppression

Cullman Fire Rescue operates on three 24 hour shifts covering the city 24 hours /7 days a week. Minimum training requirements to be a Firefighter/EMT include State of Alabama Firefighter I/II (360-hour career firefighter state certification), State of Alabama/National Registry EMT-Basic certification, and Hazardous Materials Technician certification. Responsibilities in the Fire Suppression Division include combating and controlling fires, hazardous materials response, pre-planning commercial and public buildings, maintaining fire hydrants, providing vehicle extrication, rescue, basic/advanced life support, and response to other related emergency medical services.

ALSAdvanced Life Support (ALS) Emergency Medical Response

Fire Stations are strategically placed in the city to provide a rapid response to fire and emergency medical incidents. Skilled Firefighter/EMTs help to provide lifesaving interventions that include IVs, Defibrillation, ECG Monitoring, Intubation, and Cardiac Drug Therapy. Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs have an abundant working relationship with the local ambulance services and work in unity to provide the best possible medical response to the community. In addition to the normal medical response, Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs plan and coordinate for many special events in Cullman including the Rock the South concert, Oktoberfest, Strawberry Fest, Cullman High School football games and many more.

Hazardous MaterialsHazardous Material Response

Cullman Fire Rescue responds to all hazardous material situations involving transportation and industrial accidents in the City of Cullman. All Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs are required to be trained to the level of Hazmat Technician and work hard to be prepared for the extremely toxic environments involved in Hazardous Material Response.

Tactical MedicsTactical Medics

Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs serve as Tactical Medics for the Police Department’s Tactical Team providing medical services for law enforcement special operations. The presence of Tactical Medics at high risk scenes provide rapid care for injured officers and civilians when seconds count.

Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs train 16 hours a month with the Police Department Tactical Team and attend certification training at various organizations including the renowned International School of Tactical Medicine.

Technical RescueTechnical Rescue (Cullman TRT)

Established in 2011, the Cullman Fire Rescue Technical Rescue Team (TRT) provides a specialty service response to complicated Technical Rescue incidents. This team extends capabilities of fire rescue and medical response to confined space rescue, high angle rescue, trench rescue, water related emergencies, structural collapse, extrication, and urban search and rescue.

In addition to being a part of the Cullman TRT Team 7 members are part of the Alabama Mutual Aid System Division F-Alabama Task Force 3 Team that responds to both natural and man-made disasters at a local, state and federal level.

Physical FitnessPhysical Fitness Training

A Firefighter/EMT’s career can be very strenuous and demanding physically. Physical Fitness is a priority at Cullman Fire Rescue. Firefighter/EMTs are required to engage in physical fitness training one hour a day while on shift as well as complete an annually physical fitness assessment. In addition to this, Firefighter/EMTs are required to successfully complete a rigorous NFPA 1582 physical annually to ensure that they are physically fit and ready for duty.

These standards help to ensure that Cullman Fire Rescue Firefighter/EMTs are getting the medical attention they deserve and the community is receiving the best response possible.

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Becoming a Firefighter
Equipment and Apparatus