CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman County Board of Education (CCBOE) at its Nov. 14 meeting held elections for its officers. Wayne Myrex, who represents Cold Springs schools and Cullman County Resource Education, was elected president. Shane Rusk, who represents Fairview schools and Parkside Elementary, was elected vice president.

The board also approved the following personnel items:

Performance bonuses

Seven teachers were given bonuses for meeting goals for Advanced Placement (AP) classes:

  • Lee Henry, Literature & Language – $3,500
  • Candice Harbison, Biology – $500
  • Leah Cochran, Chemistry – $300
  • Jimmy Harbison, U.S. History – $300
  • Donald Lynn, Government – $300
  • Brittany Sams, Computer Science Principles – $300
  • Randy Jones, Calculus AB – $100



All resignations approved at this meeting were for retirements.

  • Robin Nixon Pruett, Holly Pond Elementary Teacher, effective 12/31/2019
  • Connie A. Baker, Central Office Accountant, effective 12/31/2019
  • Timothy L. Kelley, West Point Bus Driver, effective 11/30/2019
  • Tami Trucks Starnes, Fairview High Teacher, effective 11/30/2019


Leaves of Absence

  • Bridget Tracey Whitehead, Vinemont High Part-time Teacher, 12/04/2019 – 1/2/2020
  • Keisha Taylor Harris, Hanceville Elementary Teacher, 11/12/2019 – 2/14/2020



  • Myra Denise Latham, Fairview Elementary Temporary, Part-time Intervention Teacher, as needed
  • David E. Lewis, Maintenance Technician – Painter, replacing Chris Haney
  • Payton Elizabeth Sandlin, Holly Pond Middle Temporary Secondary Teacher, replacing Emily Brown
  • Sherry Burks Motes, West Point Elementary Temporary, Part-time Teacher (2 days a week)
  • Lamanda M. Mapes, Hanceville Elementary Temporary Elementary Teacher, replacing Keisha Harris



  • Douglas V. Bates, Bus Driver
  • Rollan Paul Campbell, Jr., Bus Driver
  • Heatherly Summer Perdue, Bus Driver
  • Holly Mae Acklin, Child Nutrition
  • Sheryl Ann Agricola, Child Nutrition
  • Shena Lenean Brakeman, Child Nutrition
  • Canungnit Calvert, Child Nutrition
  • Brittanie Shae Cofer, Child Nutrition
  • Christopher H. Collins, Child Nutrition
  • Shelba Annette Edge, Child Nutrition
  • Melissa Eileen Fowler, Child Nutrition
  • Debria Ann Miller, Child Nutrition
  • Diana Joy Sims, Child Nutrition
  • Priscilla Ann Thompson, Child Nutrition
  • John R. Whitehead, Child Nutrition
  • Grace Sabrina Witcher, Child Nutrition
  • Christy Pickard Dye, Nurse
  • Tanya Kim Pinyan, Nurse
  • Nancy Elizabeth Lay, Office
  • Amber Tiffany Al Dijaili, Teacher
  • Alex Thomas Barton, Teacher
  • Rose Ellen Bell, Teacher
  • Shena Lenean Brakeman, Teacher
  • Tate River Brown, Teacher
  • Holly Raye Brunner, Teacher
  • Sandra Michelle Carden, Teacher
  • Delana Ann Coley, Teacher
  • Wanda A. David, Teacher
  • Deborah Jane Davis-Hood, Teacher
  • Phillip G. Doss, Teacher
  • Christy Pickard Dye, Teacher
  • Isabelle Grace Garlowich, Teacher
  • Callie Alicia Garmon, Teacher
  • Sarah Ashley Green, Teacher
  • Britney April Hackney, Teacher
  • Haleigh Morgan Harbison, Teacher
  • Cooper Lane Harris, Teacher
  • Lili Bei Emma Harris, Teacher
  • Julie Lynn Hatcher, Teacher
  • Mary Kathryn Holaway, Teacher
  • Alee Hope Jackson, Teacher
  • Dosephine Shereese Jennings, Teacher
  • William Ross Jochum, Teacher
  • Brandie Darlene Johnson, Teacher
  • Chelsey Stevens Johnson, Teacher
  • Cynthia Hudson Lesueur, Teacher
  • Cynthia Ann Leusby, Teacher 
  • Mitchell Anthony Maddox, Teacher
  • Brittany Worley Martin, Teacher
  • Paci Marie Martin, Teacher
  • Julie Ann Maulding, Teacher
  • Crystal Michelle McElwee, Teacher
  • Julie Katherine Newton, Teacher
  • Laura Lynnette Newton, Teacher
  • Ashley Leann Pearce, Teacher
  • Natalie Brooke Pearce, Teacher
  • Tonya Leanne Putman, Teacher
  • Daniel Wayne Riddle, Teacher
  • Shani Marie Rutherford, Teacher
  • Jessica Hope Simmons, Teacher
  • Zoe Makayla Strawbridge, Teacher
  • Hannah Nicole Sumner, Teacher
  • Rachel Dianne Terry, Teacher
  • Kaitlinn Paige Thompson, Teacher
  • Natalie Elaine Trammell, Teacher
  • Lorie Lee Turney, Teacher
  • Teresa Lynn Vines, Teacher
  • Holly Ann Wade, Teacher
  • Courtney Danielle Watts, Teacher
  • Erica Diane Watts, Teacher
  • Shelia Diana White, Teacher
  • Katie Grace Williams, Teacher
  • Morgan Nicole Wilson, Teacher
  • Sandra Jean Wilson, Teacher
  • Rachel Alison Wyatt, Teacher
  • Patricia D. Yeager, Teacher
  • Kimberly Medley Ashley, Teacher/Child Nutrition
  • Leslie Anne Dial, Teacher/Child Nutrition 
  • Rashawna Lashae Edge, Teacher/Child Nutrition
  • Bethany Shan Holmes, Teacher/Child Nutrition
  • Mary Michelle Kimbril, Teacher/Child Nutrition
  • Danielle Craft Latham, Teacher/Child Nutrition
  • Revonda Deanne Little, Teacher/Child Nutrition
  • April Burgess Moore, Teacher/Child Nutrition
  • Brenda W. Smith, Teacher/Child Nutrition


Non-faculty Coaches

  • Chase Tidmore, Fairview High Baseball
  • Gregory Ward, Good Hope High Assistant Band Director
  • Tess J. Hembree, Good Hope Middle Basketball (Girls)
  • William Paul Campbell, Hanceville High Softball
  • Cantrell Tyson, Hanceville High Football
  • Destry Scott Stone, Holly Pond High Softball
  • Lamanda M. Mapes, West Point High Archery


Contract/salary changes

  • Phillip Key – add MS Basketball Cheerleader Sponsor, Harmony
  • Jon Bryant Farley – add Sr. High Football Asst. 2, West Point High
  • Gregory Ward – add Band Asst., Good Hope High (non-faculty)
  • William Paul Campbell – add Sr. High Softball, Hanceville High
  • Destry Stone – add Sr. High Softball, Holly Pond High


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